This is my weight loss journal.

Feel like it's more pressure for me, if I actually have to update it everyday and people are reading it. I've spent most of my life 'dieting.' This time, it's time to change my lifestyle - for good!

I'm 164cm
HW: 73.8kg (160lb)
SW: 68.8kg (151lb)
CW: 59.0kg (130lb)
UGW: 57kg (125lb)
Weight Loss: 73kg 72kg 71kg 70kg 69kg 68kg 67kg 66kg 65kg 64kg 63kg 62kg 61kg 60kg 59kg 58kg 57kg!
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on day 5 of eating healthy and here is what I have relearnt..

- you have to be accountable to yourself, don’t kid yourself about what you ate. to do this i keep a food journal and input it into a calorie counter so that i can make sure i am staying at about 1200 calories net

- drink water. 7 glasses a day minimum

- drink green tea!

- good healthy, filling food makes you feel great

- fruit and almond butter for snacks, keeps the sugar cravings away

still need to get on the exercise thing though.. after day 10 think i’m going to start including that once again.

Again, I feel so bad that i keep doing this, but seriously today I’m starting and I mean business. Here is the plan:

no wheat/dairy/sugar

1200 calories net everyday

exercise x5 a week

plan meals ahead, no cheats! make delicious healthy alternatives instead

what do you think? 

after having a total gorge/bingefest yesterday today i was back on track. been finding it hard lately, but know i need to stick with it, i’ve done it before and i can do it again - just need to get my head in it 100%

today was perfectly healthy eating, drank loads of water & even went for a run :)

7 July: 60.2kg

3.2kg away from goal weight!

yesterday i was at: 61.8kg

today i’m at: 60.5kg!

a loss of 1.3kg in 1 day - so so so happy :) my body is obviously so happy to be eating healthy, nutritious food again.

3.5kg away from goal weight

my weight is now 61.8kg, when i left it was 58.9kg so have put on 3kg. not even mad about it because i literally ate so badly, ice-cream, chips, burgers etc like everyday so kind of relieved its only 3kg. another thing was how bad and horrible my body felt whilst consuming all those foods so am i now so excited to eat heathily again now that i am home.

goal weight is still 57kg.

sucks that i was only 1.9kg away..

now 4.8kg. oh well - here we go!

when i joined Tumblr over a year ago i put down my Ultimate Goal Weight. at the time i was overweight, had low self confidence and just felt sluggish all the time. never in my wildest dreams did i ever think i would even come close to reaching my UGW which at the time was 58kg. this morning i was 58.9kg - less than 1kg away from my original UGW.

now i want to get to 57kg, so just 1.9kg.

and so far i have lose 9.9kg!

how crazy is that?!

could not be happier with my progress and that i am finally, nearly at the weight i always dreamed of being x

58.9kg!!! first time i have seen 58.something.kg on a scale in a very, very long time!!

yay :)

thanks for all the love on my ‘new lowest weight’ post - you guys are the best. Tumblr is the most amazing thing for weight-loss blogs, really don’t know if i could have done it with this platform..